If you’ve never had the opportunity to tour one of the Nazi concentration camps, it is a sobering experience. I feel that everyone needs to see and understand the brutality and evil that took place at the extermination camps. Even if you can’t go there in person, you should take the opportunity to read and research all that you can on the subject.

Walking around and seeing all of the actual rooms, chambers, and barracks gave us a limited glimpse into the evil that the Jewish people suffered through. Their heroism can never be forgotten. Through it all, they never gave up their determination to carry on their Jewish traditions.

If we refuse to confront this kind of evil, then evil has succeeded. If we ignore it and pretend that it never happened, then evil has succeeded. As a Christian, I feel that it is my calling to be in prayer for Israel and the Jewish people.

Out of respect, we decided not to post the gas chamber photos. Still, you can imagine how this tour left us numb and without words. The Jewish people suffered more than any of us can comprehend.